Vision, Mission & Values


To build a young intellectual community who will become active participants in life-long learning and contributors to the betterment of society. Al Khaleej International School is committed in creating a sustainable educational journey that is socially, personally, and intellectually transformative.


It is our mission to create a pleasant, secure and stimulating learning environment in which all members of the school community can grow and develop to a new level of knowledge and wisdom. Our mission is encompassed around the idea of not just teaching our students, but to shape students’ personalities and ensure the young generation emerge as leaders for a brighter future.


Al-Khaleej International School believes that in order to accomplish its vision and mission, all lifelong learners should live with our most valued morals, which include:

  • Caring, accepting, and respecting others
  • Setting high expectations for success
  • Visionary leadership
  • Pursuing creativity
  • Societal responsibility

Environment, Health and Safety Statement

Top management is committed to:

  • Comply with the applicable legislation, regulations, standards, and other requirements to which the AIS subscribe for.
  • Reduce the risks of our environment, health and safety to acceptable levels to ensure commitment to prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in integrated Management system performance.
  • Minimize the impact of our activities, services through treatment of air, water ,soil & the wastes generated by adopting practices to ensure energy & resource conversion through limiting our waste emission .
  • Promote best practices for incident prevention, pollution prevention and assets integrity.
  • Establish measure and review our HSE objectives and continually HSE performance through effective implementation.
  • Provide training and resources to our employees to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to perform their tasks in a safe & healthy and in an environmental friendly manner.


HSE policy to be public through Al-Khaleej International School website