School Programs

  • KG section (KG1 and KG2)
  • Elementary section (Grade 1 to 5)
  • Middle Section (Grade 6 to 8)
  • High school section (Grade 9 to 12)
  • Students of Determination Centre
  • Proactive activity
  • Assessment

KG Section (KG1 and KG2)

The Al Khaleej International School curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the 21st century, of individual students as well as the needs of local and global communities.

As an American curriculum school we start with entry to Kindergarten at age 4. At Al Khaleej International School, Sharjah we understand that our youngest learners are curious about the world, and learn well through play and inquiry. We empower our students to question and problem solve. We also believe that language development is critical, and support the students in reinforcing their first language, whilst also acquiring a new one.

KG follows the California Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten in English Language Arts and Mathematics. We also follow the Next Generation Science Standards, and provide hands on science investigations to engage students in their exploration of science.

Elementary Section (Grade 1 to 5)

The Elementary School provides a warm and caring atmosphere where students collaborate practically, think creatively, reason critically, and communicate effectively. Elementary School at AKIS starts at age 6 to 10 years (grades 1 – 5 in the American system). The program includes a combination of core subjects (English, Mathematics and Science) taught by class teachers, and specialist classes taught by subject specialists in Arabic, Islamic Studies, Social Studies, ICT, Music, Art, Physical Education and French.

Elements of UAE heritage, history and Islamic culture are incorporated during teaching and learning activities across all disciplines.

Middle School (Grade 6 to 8)

The Middle School at AKIS commences from 11 to 14 years (grades 5 – 8 in the American system). The transitional years of middle school see a shift to more student-driven inquiry and action. We balance academic subjects with increased social responsibility to prepare students to be caring, proactive members of the school community and beyond. In this phase, students have specialist teachers in all subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Arabic, Islamic Studies, ICT, Social Studies, Art, Music, French and Physical Education. Personal and social development has recently been introduced across all Grades from Grade 1 to 9 and is taught during social studies.

High School Section (Grade 9 to 12)

Our students study through to Grade 12, where they are awarded the American High School Diploma at age 17. The American Diploma is accepted for entrance by all UAE universities and colleges and is recognized by other universities around the world.

The High School at AKIS comprises grades 9 – 12 (ages 15 – 18). At this stage, students are ready to become the leaders and the innovators of the future. They are also starting to think about their future after high school, and to make some choices about where their interests, talents and energies lie. AKIS has a robust program of elective subjects which begins at grade 10. Students continue with the core subjects, and have choices for elective subjects including Economics, Business, Accounting, Social Studies, ICT, Music, and Art. At this stage, students also consider whether they want to pursue AP (Advanced Placement) courses in the Sciences, Mathematics or Arts. Students and families work closely with academic and college counselors to make informed decisions about their futures.

Students of Determination Centre

Pro-active activities:

Co- and Extracurricular Activities

  • Karate
  • Tennis
  • Ballet
  • Cooking Class
  • Robotics
  • KG Activities
  • Taekwondo
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics

Future Goals

  • EAL programme
  • Digitally
  • AP Courses
  • Curriculum Enrichment

As is the case in all sections of the school, elements of UAE heritage, history and Islamic culture are incorporated during teaching and learning activities across all disciplines.


AKIS assesses students’ attainment and progress through comprehensive analysis of International Benchmark assessments such as MAP, PSAT, SAT, AP, TIMSS, PISA, and CAT4. In addition, AKIS is a platform for students to exhibit their talents through Extra and Co-curricular activities, events and competitions. All students are recognized for their flourishing talents and creativity by Al Khaleej Community through their awards and rewards programs. AKIS ensures an enjoyable learning environment through its strong infrastructure which includes state of the art indoor and outdoor sports areas, Primary and Secondary libraries, general and specialist science laboratories, Robotics Lab, Music Room, etc.

Please visit us at AKIS to gain a more in-depth understanding of why our school is the right choice for your child.