What curriculum will be implemented at AKIS?

The curriculum at AKIS is American Curriculum, Common Core State Standards.

How do you maintain balance between teaching an international curriculum, and conserving local values and traditions?

It is a priority set in our mission statement to ensure a culture that promotes learning and success for every student by; providing a safe environment based on high expectations, professionalism and best practice in teaching and pedagogy.

We start our school days with a recitation of the holy Quran and the national anthem. The school has prayer halls for boys and girls. We respect people of all walks of life. We also celebrate all Islamic and National occasions. We will encourage our students to speak in modern standard Arabic or English, especially when they are speaking publicly in front of a school assembly. However, we encourage our students to speak English to build their language skills further, especially with the type of curriculum.

Will there be any extra-curricular activities?

There will be plenty of extracurricular activities to choose from. Some of them include: Art Club, football, Life Science Club, The Reading Club, Math Club, and Poetry Club. In addition we have our Pro-active Club for all the school and section starting from Grade 1 till Grade 12 that includes Karate, Taekwondo, Ballet, Tennis, Cooking Classes and Art Classes.

Will your curriculum and activities comply with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education?

All plans and curricula implemented at the Al Khaleej International School will comply with the Ministry of Education rules and regulations, including number of teaching days, the number of lessons designated for every subject, and the length of the school day.

What nationalities of students are welcomed at your school?

Learners from all nationalities who can learn in both languages, Arabic and English, are welcome at our school, as long as the admission requirements are met. As the United Arab Emirates welcomes a multinational community, so do we; however at the same time, all students will learn to respect and value the national traditions and norms.

What facilities are available at Al Khaleej International School?

At Al Khaleej International School, the following facilities are available:

  • A covered outdoor play area for every stage.
  • Prayer halls.
  • Covered outdoor spacious areas for higher classes.
  • A Football Pitch.
  • A fully equipped Swimming Pool.
  • A library for Primary and another for the Secondary
  • Fully equipped Science Labs.
  • Art hall.
  • Computer labs.
  • Robotics Lab.
  • Cinema Theater.

Will a bus attendant escort students while traveling to school and back?

Yes, the safety of our students is our most important asset, each bus has 1-2 assistant that ensures our students are safe from the moment they enter the bus until they reach back home.

What are your strategies for motivating students?

The curriculum of Al Khaleej international school is based on thinking skills, independent research, and the responsibility for self-earning (ex. research done in the library, surfing the internet and experimentation in science).

Questioning is the most common strategy used by teachers, especially open ended questions. That will allow students to think of many answers instead of one. Moreover; students will be given the chance to organize their own activities and plan to do it, and to express their own opinions

How do you build self confidence in your students?

Our approach focuses on the holistic development of our students. We look at every student as a unique student who is full of potentials; social, scientific, spiritual, physical leadership, any other potential discovered should have its chance to develop and build a unique personality.

What is the average number of students in a classroom?

On average, 20-25(max) students per classroom.

How long is the academic year at the AKIS?

The school follows the Ministry rules and regulations therefore, 180 teaching days, distributed over 3 terms of 12 weeks.

Why did you choose Al Khaleej International School name?

The developers wanted to create a community of learners where knowledge can be acquired in a safe and enjoyable environment, where everyone feels as if he is at home. This is the atmosphere in Al Khaleej (The Gulf) where modern learning meets international standards and diversity meets creates a unique learning environment, which can be showcased in UAE.

Is there a Medical Care unit in the school?

Certainly, there is a fully equipped clinic, where a nurse is serving on full time basis, and a Medical Doctor visits on a regular basis.

Are children from different ages going to mix during breaks and recesses?

Yes, play areas are built as follows:

  • A covered outdoor play area for the KGs.
  • A covered outdoor play area for the Lower Primary School.
  • Two covered outdoor play areas for upper school where boys and girls are separated.

How does AKIS communicate with the parents?

AKIS communicates with parents through different channels; phone calls, SMSs, written letters, emails, and the school portal and along with regular updates on Social Media. The main focus of communication is the development and welfare of their own children.